In today’s world, there’s much to ponder… But do we already have the answer?

God's Destiny
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Geoffery Broughton, son of God through the blood of Christ and inheritor of the promises.

Husband to a beautiful Proverbs 31 woman and father to a spirited little girl with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair.

Associate Pastor for the best church in Greeley.

Author of the upcoming book “Why America Still Matters to God: Finding the US in Bible Prophecy.”
Public speaker and podcast host.

Geoffery BroughtonGeoffery Broughton’s seven year journey to God has brought him to this place… To these answers… To these solutions.

Intuitive solutions might define the masses, but Geoff searched for proof. He wanted answers he could prove, with actionable steps he could take that would lead him back to the same space. While seeking answers, and proof, God brought Geoff faith.

“People like the good of God, but don’t want the God of the good.”
~Geoffery Broughton

As a husband and father, Geoffery Broughton realized the answer had always been there, he only had to seek it.

Geoffery Broughton


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Geoffery Broughton speaks on a variety of topics.

His voice is sure and bold, characterized with an open look at God’s word and how it applies to our lives in today’s world. With the assurance of scriptural sustenance, and principled reasoning, Broughton brings an understanding of how you can make a difference. He speaks with a motivational and encouraging voice.America Matters

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